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Natural and legal persons can become members of the ADLAF. Membership is divided into institutional members (group A), individual members (group B) and supporting members (group C).


Group A (Institutional Members)

Membership in Group A of the ADLAF is open to all institutions that continuously deal with Latin America in the field of research, training, documentation and / or librarianship.



Group B (individual members)

Membership in Group B is open to all scholars who continuously deal with Latin America in the field of research, education, documentation and / or librarianship.



Group C (supporting members)

Membership in Group C is open to people and institutions who want to promote the goals of ADLAF.


Admission modalities

The board decides on the admission of individual members at its respective meetings. Applications for institutional membership are submitted to the annual ADLAF General Assembly on the proposal of the Board of Directors. The prerequisite for this is the reference of an institution that is already an ADLAF member.


Introducing new members

New members are introduced to old members with a brief outline of their academic career and publications in an edition of the ADLAF Info. There is also the possibility of a personal presentation at the respective annual meeting.


Membership application

Please send the completed application form together with your curriculum vitae and list of publications to the board. If you are applying for institutional membership, please state the relevant reference institute in the application form.
In addition, after admission to the ADLAF, all members should sign a declaration of consent for the publication of member data on the Internet . Further information on data protection can be found here .

Annual fee

Institutional membership € 140
Individual membership € 60
unemployed, doctoral students € 30 (Please provide evidence.)
The annual fee can be conveniently withdrawn from your account using a direct debit authorization . For a correct representation, please download the form and fill it in and send it to us. Please do not forget to fill in the relevant annual fee in the form.

In justified cases, applications for a reduced fee can be directed to the board of directors.

ADLAF members receive the  ADLAF newsletter  as well as the proceedings of the ADLAF conferences every month .
Further information can be found in the ADLAF statutes and the ADLAF admission form in the right column of this page.